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The Wyvern School

The Wyvern School

6th Form

Head of 6th Form: Jen Lord

We have four classes on the main school site:

Odyssey and Quest (learners in the CLICK pathway)

Adventure (thematic life skills pathway)

Safari (sensory life skills pathway)

Students in the 6th Form are being prepared for the next stage of their adult life, in their final years at school.

Each student follows their own personalised plan, with the aim that they will leave school at 19 to commence at destination shaped to their needs.

All students and their families are involved in this planning, through meetings and the annual review process.

Students in the CLICK pathway study English and Maths, and are supported to achieve accredited outcomes at various levels through NOCN. They also have opportunities to gain vital life skills, in the cooking room, forest school and through the use of their own laptops.

Students also learn about relationship and sex education, religion and ethics and employability thorough lessons that a differentiated and structured.

We are proud of our links with Confidance, a professional dance company who are in residence with us every week. Some of our students undertake work experience with them, and some ex-pupils are professional dancers within Confi-Co, their inclusive dance company. Students are taught to play guitar or have music therapy with our specialist music therapist. We employ a psychotherapist who provides valuable counselling support.

Students is Odyssey and Quest are also undertaking Arts Awards at various levels, and are working towards gaining their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

Students go onto further study at Ashford or Folkestone College, or they enter the world of work via Lily’s Kitchen or at Stourside Farm.


Students in Adventure and Safari follow a highly individualised and personalised curriculum, shaped around their learning needs. This includes speech and language therapy programmes and physiotherapy, as well as life skills and sex and relationship education.

Students are able to access the cooking room, forest school and sensory circuits, as needed. Developing their resilience, independence and communication strategies are fundamental strands within their learning journey.

We use ASDAN’s resources to structure and accredit their lessons, as well as undertaking Arts Awards. Destinations post-school for learners include Mount Lodge Farm, Kent Autistic Trust and Find a Voice.