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The Wyvern School

The Wyvern School

Speech and Language Therapy

Staff and pupils routinely make good use of signing and communication devices
– Ofsted 2017

Who Are We?

At The Wyvern School we have an in-house Speech and Language Therapy team consisting of 2 Speech and Language Therapists and 2 Speech and Language Therapy Assistants. We aim to deliver universal communication support for all our students and help prepare them with the skills they need for life after Wyvern.

In addition to the school’s team, the school has visits from NHS Speech and Language Therapists employed by the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust and the Kent and Medway Communication and Assistive Technology Service (KMCAT).

Together we provide a team approach to supporting your child.

How will my child receive Speech and Language Therapy?

Your child may already be receiving therapy from their NHS Speech and Language Therapist. This may continue when your child starts school if they have specialist needs such as dysphagia (eating and drinking difficulties), hearing impairment, alternative and augmentative communication or specific speech and language impairment.

The Wyvern Speech and Language team work with class teams and visit students in class. They make and provide appropriate resources to support their communication development. The team works to ensure the school is a communication friendly environment for all. Class teams have go

The Wyvern Therapist team and the NHS Therapists work closely together to support your child to reach their full communication potential.

What if my child is no longer seen by the NHS Speech and Language Therapists?

This means your child’s communication needs are supported through the expertise of the school staff at the Wyvern School including the Speech and Language Therapy team, if they have continuing communication needs.

If parents have concerns or would like some advice on supporting their child’s communication, they are encouraged to contact the Wyvern Speech and Language Therapy team.

What does the Wyvern Speech and Language Therapist Team do?

Work with parents and teaching teams to maximise each child’s communication potential

Make and provide communication aids and resources

Ensure each child has access to a communication friendly environment

Train and support staff to work effectively with individual student’s communication needs

Assess and create individual programmes to develop speech, language and communication skills. These can support annual reviews.

Support the teaching teams to work creatively to develop speech and language in the classroom

Work individually or in small groups with students

Work in partnership with health and education professionals

How can parents and carers help at home?

Most importantly talk to your child. Play games, take turns and listen. Model good communication using spoken language, communication books and communication aids.

It is important that home and school work together.

We are happy to help.

School Speech and Language Therapist Team:

The Wyvern School
Great Chart Bypass
TN23 4ER

Telephone: 01233 621468

Email: stherapy@wyvern.kent.sch.uk

NHS Speech and Language Therapy Team:

Sonia Sivyer
Speech and Language Therapy
The Rainbow Centre
The Great Chart Bypass
TN23 4ER

Telephone: 03000420847