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A HUGE congratulations to Jai and Cameron at the Towers satellite, who have both received Principal Award letters from Mr Billings, The Towers School Headteacher. Well done to both of you! (25 February 2022)

Goldwell Class at Great Chart School

In September 2019 our first satellite class, based at Great Chart Primary School, opened initially with 5 Key Stage 2 pupils. This number has increased over the past 2 years and from September 2021 the class has 13 pupils.

Pupils attending Goldwell class are taught by Wyvern staff in their own classroom but have many inclusion opportunities within the mainstream school alongside their mainstream peers.

These include:

Whole class inclusion for lunchtime, all play times, assembly, P.E. and special event days.

In addition to whole class inclusion some of our pupils have been able to access specific lessons alongside their mainstream peers where it is appropriate. These have been Maths and Topic lessons as well as drumming club and music.

Our pupils benefit enormously from social inclusion and have been able to extend their friendship groups and develop their social and communication skills.

The staff and pupils at Great Chart School have welcomed our pupils and staff into their school community wholeheartedly and it was particularly heart-warming to see our pupils enjoying Picnic in the Park, in the summer term where they engaged in singing and dancing performances with the Great Chart pupils.

All pupils who have accessed this provision have benefitted enormously both academically and socially.

In September 2021 3 pupils transitioned directly from Great Chart to our secondary satellite at Towers School.

Orion and Aquila Classes at Towers School

In September 2021, after years delay due to the pandemic, we opened our Key Stage 3 (Aquila) and Key Stage 4 (Orion) satellite classes.

The secondary satellite classes operate in a similar model to the Primary satellite. Our pupils are taught, in their own classrooms, by Wyvern staff but join the Towers students for lunch and play times.

After only 1 term some of the Wyvern pupils from both Key Stage 3 and 4 are already joining their mainstream peers for Maths and English, those in Key Stage 4 are being prepared for external exams alongside Towers pupils.

Aquila class and some of Orion class are joining the Towers students in Performing Arts which will result in a performance in the summer term.

Inclusion opportunities continue to be explored with the full support of staff at Towers school which will support the development of social and communication skills for Wyvern pupils.

Our pupils are also able to access the wide range of facilities- such as the gym, sports hall and technology rooms.

Willow Blossom Class at John Wesley Primary School

Willow Blossom class is a reception observation and assessment class set up as a pilot project in September 2020. The pupils who attend this class are those who were not quite ready to attend a mainstream school but needed additional time and support to prepare them for their transition to a mainstream school. Pupils will have opportunities to access the mainstream reception class at appropriate, and planned, times to gradually integrate with mainstream peers to develop social and communication skills, supported by Wyvern staff.

Staff from the home mainstream school remain in close contact with the pupils through regular, planned, visits to build relationships and to increase the capacity of mainstream colleagues.

Through mutual agreement between the home school and Wyvern School transition to the home school begins to take place, supported by The Wyvern School.

Continued assessment and observation takes place to ensure that children are ready to begin a controlled and gradual transition to the home school where appropriate and in agreement with all parties, including parents.

This model aims to support those children who may not, initially, be ready to make the transition from nursery to mainstream school but, with the continued support of the special school may make the required progress, during their reception year, to successfully access a mainstream education.

Our first year has been highly successful. All pupils successfully transitioned to their mainstream schools and our now thriving.

In September 2021 a new Willow Blossom group joined the provision and have already begun to make good progress – they are joining the John Wesley reception classes for Discover and Do sessions.